140831 EXO Lotte Family Concert #LUHAN #SEHUN #SUHO


Kai - 140815 SMTown Live World Tour IV in Seoul

Credit: Serenade.


bold what you prefer.

coffee or tea
books or movies
fruits or vegetables
headphones or earbuds
laptops or pc
facebook or tumblr
netflix or tv
hardcover or paperback
tv or movies
hp or thg
light or dark
salt or pepper
starbucks or dunkin donuts
reading or writing
writing or drawing
hot or cold
talking or listening
instruments or voice
cake or cupcakes
black or white
sunset or sunrise


My heart goes out to Eunbi’s family, the drivers family, the LC members and all the fans. Let’s pray for the members that are hospitalized and let’s pray for everyone to be strong. #RestInPeaceEunbi


practicing his ‘come in’ gesture

yixing imitating jongin when he realized he wasn't supposed to be on stage

Kai’s punishment to Taemin after losing in their games
network //
head lights, hold tight.
turn the radio loud.